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Wikipedia plays an essential role in branding - be it for an individual or an organisation. Even though Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, the fact that only selective people can be on wiki makes it a hallmark of being important. The notability criteria of wikipedia puts aside the clutter and allows only ‘notable’ people to remain on the page. Needless to say, being on wikipedia makes you important. While this adds to your existing brand value, it also help you emerge as credible and authoritative on the subject or domain you work in. Creating a wikipedia page is easy. However, letting the page stay there is not. Wikipedia is an open platform with multiple administrators and users who are consistently monitoring the new pages and deleting them. Wikipedia Creators helps you not only create the page but also ensures that it stays.

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How we do it?

To be honest, there is no cheat code to wikipedia. You might be able to get a page up but if you haven’t done it right, it will not stay for too long. This is what we do to create a solid wikipedia page that stays:


Using Neutral Language

As much as you would want to boast about yourself, wiki does not allow promotional language. Remember, it is an encyclopedia. Hence, you have to be extremely neutral about what you write. It has to be written with a very factual tone. Anything that sounds closely promotional must be avoided. We write information in a factual way and do not write promotional language at all.


Checking References

When a client approaches us, we don’t take up the assignment right away. We carefully assess the situation and the current coverage or links that the client has. It happens very often that a client comes to us with a lot of links but only a small percentage of those are useful. In such cases, we guide and at times even take up the public relation assignment and generate links for the client which can be useful for wikipedia.


Interlinking and Orphan Page

Interlinking within Wikipedia is important. What’s more important is that you should not be an orphan. That means there should be at least one page in wikipedia which should link to you. Now this one gets tricky but not impossible. And we usually advise that we mention you or your brand on an existing wiki page even before we create your page so that it looks more organic.


Consistent Editing

As per the requirements, we edit it regularly and keep adding information. We don’t add all information at one go and work on it gradually if it is a long page. However, if it is a short page, we create it at one go and keep doing minor edits to it in terms of citations, language, grammar etc. While the time progresses, other users also join to edit and take the editing ahead, making page more stable eventually.


Contesting Deletion

In case a user has put a deletion tag on it, we do not run away. We fight for it and contest the deletion and take part in the discussion with the user or the deleting administrator. This is a longer process and other editors and administrators can join. The key here is to put forth your point clearly and provide logic on why this page should not be deleted. If you gain support from other editors, you can get rid of the deletion tag soon!


Multiple users

As an agency, we have multiple users and accounts which we use to our leverage. We use multiple accounts to edit and maintain the page. Also, if a page is created from one account and is being deleted because the language was not right or so, we use a different account to create it again and start the process fresh.Multiple users help us create a network that works better for our clients.

Why hire us?

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We don’t lie

We will tell you openly on what works and what doesn’t and be transparent about the process.

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We have created many wiki pages of brands and individuals and know how wiki universe behaves.

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Quick Turn around

We respond quickly to your queries and clear your doubts and keep you involved in the process.

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Cost Effective

No, it won’t cost you a 1000$ like many other agencies would tell you. Check our T&C page.

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We have experts not just from India but outside to support us with our wikipedia assignments.

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Holistic Approach

We promote a holistic approach and consider all different aspects while creating a wikipedia page

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