Wikipedia writing services

Wikipedia Writing services

Wikipedia writing services are critical to create a page on wiki. Writing a Wikipedia page is an art. It is different than all other forms of writing within the domain of content writing and you need to understand the wiki guidelines to create a passable draft for wikipedia. To be honest, Wikipedia writing is not that difficult. You just need to ensure certain things and you will be good to go. Here are the things you need to take care of :

Don’t write promotional language

Do not write promotionally. Now we understand that what is promotional for one can not be promotional for someone else. However, try your best to write completely non promotional. In simple words, do not sing praises. Write as a matter of fact.

Just write facts

Write hard-core facts about the subject. Do not add fluff and write information that’s valuable. Do not write random stories that add no value to the wikipedia. Be very critical about what you include and what you don’t in the draft.

Do not write things which can not be verified:

Avoid writing things for which you don’t have references or citations. It is ideal to only include facts and points which are bring further verified by external credible sources. Even if it is personal details which are non-verifiable (and it is difficult to get links for them anyway in future), we suggest not including them in the draft. Not at least at first go.

Get an Expert/Contact us

As much as you might try, it is difficult to reach that perfection level. And to be honest, it again depends on perspective. We rather advice you to consult and expert and take an opinion before uploading the draft. A third person opinion is always good and ensure that there won’t be any troubles.

Wikipedia writers for hire

Wikipedia writers for hire

Yes, we have a number of wikipedia writers for hire. But the better question is – why do you need us or why you should hire us for wikipedia writing? We have multiple answers to it and all of them should ideally convince you to work with our wikipedia writers for hire.

  1. We understand WikipediaWikipedia writing can only be done if you understand wikipedia and how it operates. You need to know the guidelines and the terms and conditions on which wikipedia has been based. Hence, to write a wikipedia draft which can be approved by wiki, you really need to know these things in depth. Writing a good draft which has been penned intelligently and logically makes you win half the battle already. And writing a bad one takes you multiple steps back.
  2. We understand writingWhile we understand wikipedia, we also understand content writing. We know what a particular word mean and how it can be interpreted. We also know the degree of promotion a word or a phrase indicates. Wikipedia is all about neutral writing. While that sounds fairly easy, it isn’t. What is neutral and what isn’t is subjective. Hence you have to extra cautious about what you write.
  3. We have credible experience

    We have made thousands of edits and created hundreds of pages. That can only happen when you know what you are doing. The live pages stand as the testimony of our work and why you should consider seeking our professional help for this. Very happy to share pages and show you what we have achieved so far with you so as to get your confident. Contact us to get it right in your inbox.

More than that, we are highly professional with what we do. We have a quick turn around time and are very real with the possibilities of it. If we feel that you are not qualified yet to be on wiki, we are pretty open about it and tell it outrightly. Working with us give you an edge of avoiding misconception of your possibilities and help you choose the right path (even if it is long) to reach the final destination of getting your page live.

Wikipedia page creation service

Wikipedia page creation service

Want reliable and high quality wikipedia page creation service at the click of your mouse? Worry no more since you have landed at the right page. Needless to say, there are multiple agencies and freelancers who are offering these wikipedia writing and creation services. And interestingly, the cost range starts from 20$ to 1000$ – depending on the agency you go to. So what is real?

Well, both are real, kind of. What they quote is as per their capacity to take the page live. For example, the 20$ one would just take the text from you, make minor edits and upload it with references given by you. He/she will not think if it will survive or if it will get approved or not. The money he/she is taking is for the time that is being put to take the wikipedia page live.

And at the same time, the 1000$ one might deploy PR strategies for you to get more solid links, issue press releases and get their senior most person work on it. They will educate you on how to create a wikipedia page.That doesn’t guarantee anything either though. And to be honest, it might just be a scam. Wikipedia sounds fancy and people have enough money to burn and hence they can charge what they can. It might not be about the cost that is incurred but the cost that client can pay.

We are in the middle. We are neither 20$, nor we are 1000$. When we offer you wikipedia page creation services, we simply check your eligibility and tell you if it is possible to make a page for you at this level or not. If it is, how much would that cost you based on time and effort. And if we can’t we can consult you and engage with you to start your journey to reach a point where you can create a wikipedia page for yourself; and then create it. We try to be real. Give you the real situation and work in collab with you rather than making fake promises.

Wikipedia experts for hire

Wikipedia experts for hire

Yes, you heard it right. Wikipedia experts for hire. But what does that mean? Who is a wikipedia expert? Why do you need one if it is an editable open source encyclopedia? We will answer all these questions and tell you how wikipedia experts can help you.

Who is a wikipedia expert?

A wikipedia expert is someone who is aware of nuances that wiki and its editors and administrators throw at you and not let you create wikipedia page. He/She has edited wiki for years (for his/her own interests or for professional reasons) and can navigate your way through the troubled waters of wiki.

Why you need a wikipedia expert for hire?

Because you are not one. Simple. Yes, you can learn how to create one but there are no fixed formulas at wiki. It is very subjective to the subject and what are the kind of resources you have. It’s logic in its most crude form. Learning to edit wiki is possible but knowing the hacks that can help your page survive, well no one’s gonna give you that on internet. Everyone have their own and those are not literal hacks. They are logical sequence of tasks that makes you fit in the wiki guidelines.

Where to find Wikipedia experts for hire?

Right here. Get to our check your eligibility page and submit your details. Our Wikipedia experts will get back to you on the possibilities, costing and timelines based on the details submitted by you. And in case we don’t find you eligible for the wikipedia but you still aspire to, we can help you and guide you on how to become eligible for it with effective PR methods.

Wikipedia Article writing service

Wikipedia Article writing service

Wikipedia article writing service is mighty different. A regular content writer might not be the right person to do this job. A regular content writer is usually acquainted with SEO writing, product descriptions and the kind of digital marketing related content that is practically driving the content industry. But he/she might not be so well acquainted with the kind of writing that wikipedia demands per say.

What kind of writing wikipedia demands?

Wikipedia has its own guidelines for the kind of writing it accepts. One must remember that while wikipedia is seen as a hallmark of prestige and reputation, in the end, it is an encyclopedia. And an encyclopedia can only contain subjects and topics that are relevant and must talk about them in a neutral way. That means, wikipedia can neither praise nor disgrace anyone. It can only state facts. For example, consider hitler’s wikipedia page :

Read the entire page and you will see how neutrally everything has been written. He has not been criticized or praised for whatever he did but everything has been drafted as a matter of fact. This is exactly a wikipedia expert needs to do.

How we write and create wikipedia pages?

It once happened that a client requested that we should send him the draft before we take it live. Prior to that, he had sent us the entire company PPT and every small and big detail about the company. Next day, we are invited to discuss the draft and are informed that the client is heavily disappointed since the draft looks so rough and doesn’t talk much about the company. We laughed for a bit and than had to explain them everything.

We informed that the draft can only contain the information which is verifiable. While you have sent the company PPT with all the details, all of it can not be verified via credible external sources. About the language, it can not be greasy. It has to be factual and non-chalant. If it looks too polished, it is obvious that we have a connection to the subject which is not preferred. They understood and made minor changes and the page was live and reviewed in next 4 hours!

This is what we do when people hire us for Wikipedia article writing services. We educate the client and are strict with the guidelines. We don’t write the page to impress the client. We write the page so that it gets approved.

How to make a wikipedia page?

How to make a wikipedia page?

All questions like that of how to make a wikipedia page, how to create a wikipedia page etc have a much simple answer. If you are reading this blog, you might belong to three different categories :

  1. People who tried creating a wikipedia page in past and failed
  2. People who hired wikipedia experts  to create a page but failed and hence decided to take things in your own hands
  3. People who want to create a page and want to go all equipped and hence reading all the material

Nonetheless, this blog is not exactly a step-to-step guide on how to make a wikipedia page. That is widely available on many websites including wikihow (what can be more authentic than that!) This blog is more about what is beyond the wikihow tutorial or what is beyond what other websites are going to tell you.

When you read any of those tutorials, you are like ‘That doesn’t look so difficult!’

But you usually think so because you are misinformed on the know-how of wiki. Here are two major misinformation that you might be living with when you want to know how to make a wikipedia page:

  1. You think you have perfect linksIf you being mentioned in web by other websites, you can use those as citations. However, there is a hierarchy. And we have usually seen that people don’t understand this. The quality of websites matter. Their association with the subject matters. For example, Facebook, twitter, linked in etc are not relevant for citations. Neither is your personal blog or your company website. Nor if your best friend’s blog or a college website that someone you know runs. Authenticity of citations is everything.
  2. You think you are notable

You can be on wiki if you are notable. And there are real notability guidelines and you need to read them to ensure that you are notable. There are ways around (that’s why you need us actually) but it’s not so easy! We have to reject a number of requests because we don’t see any ways to qualify the subjects as notable! Such examples include so called instagram influencers, local website development companies, junior level journalists and even corporate leaders at times. So make sure you qualify the notability criteria. Or reach out to us and let us guide you.

And even if you think you tick both the boxes, there are obviously more hurdles to it. Read our blog on how to create a wikipedia page to know more.

how to create a wikipedia page?

how to create a wikipedia page

The classic or traditional answer to this question can be found at wikihow itself which gives you a step by step guide on how to create a wikipedia page. It seems pretty simple right?

  1. Create the draft (non promotional)
  2. Provide references
  3. Do some interlinking
  4. Make it live.

That’s practically the answer of how to make a wikipedia page.Since wiki has a visual editor which is as simple as wordpress (even simpler!), creating a wiki page seems to be the simplest job ever. Well, maybe making a wiki page is a simple job but ensuring that no one deletes is not.

Making and maintaining a wiki page is indeed a tough nut to crack. We will tell you why:

Because you might be a novice in wiki universe

In all probabilities, you feel that you or your brand should have a wiki page and hence you are now on a quest to make one. Or your superior has delegated this task and to you and you want to do it on your own, and hence, searching ‘how to create a wikipedia page’. But if you are a novice, you have no strategy or research in place. You don’t know what to write and what not to write in your draft and you simply put up everything and try to make it live! Either it will not get approved or it will be deleted eventually. And deletion is worse than not getting it approved!

Because you don’t have an old profile with thousands of edits

You are a new user. First of all you can not make a page live unless the profile is 4 days old and you have done a certain number of edits. And if you are submitting a page with such a profile, in all probabilities it will not be approved since they are very particular. And even if you get the ability to make the page live and you go and do it, the surveyalance on a new user is much higher. Also, since you have just created one page and that’s all the activity that you have done, it is obvious that there is a conflict of interest and the subject is related to you. Conclusion – Delete!

You don’t know that wiki is more difficult than it seems to be

Heard of orphan tag? We had our first encounter with it in our early days and we realised that while no one talks about it much, it is one of the key barriers to make the page live. And it does make sense. If you are notable, you must be mentioned in wiki already somewhere right? You just can’t appear out of nowhere and claim your notability while no other page on wiki is talking about it. This needs immense research and intellect and at times is a longer process. We have created new pages altogether at times to deal with it!

So that would be our answer to why it is tough to create a wiki page as against to how to create a wikipedia page! Contact us now and we can consult you on how to create one or can create it for you!

How to create a wiki page

How to create a wiki page

If you aspire to make a wikipedia page and looking for an answer on how to create a wiki page – and hence expecting a tutorial on it, we are not going to give you that because that’s fairly simple! What’s not simple is to address the unknowns within the super-set of how to create a wiki page. While many of the established blogs will write this tutorial in an easy step by step way, no one talks about the challenges and why your page can be deleted. So the more relevant question than how to create a wiki page is how to ensure that a page is not deleted.

And to not get deleted, you need to do the following:

Use neutral language for wikipedia writing

DO NOT USE PROMOTIONAL LANGUAGE. It has to be completely neutral and should be written like you are stating facts nonchalantly. For example:

XYZ has won numberable awards including abc, def, ghi …. – WRONG!!

The right way to write this would be:

XYZ has won the following the awards:




Using neutral language is basic and wiki is very sensitive to it. So ensure you are not sounding promotional anywhere since it might mean you are related to the subject.

Don’t send it for approval but publish:

If you are new, you can not publish an article directly. You must submit it for approval. However, if your profile is 4 days old and you have done certain number of edits, you can publish it directly. Chances of page surviving after publishing are more than the chance of page getting approved at first place. Of course, the best way is to have it published by some who has done thousand of edits (We can do that for you for sure).

Make sure you qualify notability and you have enough citations:

Read the notability guidelines and figure out if you are notable. It is ideal to have multiple notable elements related to the subject. For example, being the CEO of a big listed company does make you notable but if that’s all that is, it might still get rejected. However, if you have more memberships, awards and achievements that are valuable, that makes you truly notable.

If you have got these three things sorted, your chances to survive the other editors are much higher. You can always get in touch with us for any kind of guidance.

Create Wikipedia page

Create Wikipedia page

It is indeed amazing to be on Wikipedia. It shines your profile and add tons of weight and hence everyone wants to create wikipedia page for themselves or their brands and at times are requested by their superiors to arrange it for them. What looks like an easy to do task, keeps on becoming difficult as you keep getting into it. In 90% of the cases, people create an account on wiki and upload the bio and cite whatever they can find. The page goes live and there is a moment of happiness. And then comes a series of attack from various editors and users. They are cold hearted and start marking tags or deleting what you have written. You are powerless and they start creating a mess out of your beautiful creation.

And after not too long, the page is marked for deletion and is being discussed on the newly created talk page and you are like ‘what is this talk page now! What should I do’. You go to the talk page and see various people brutally providing reasons on why it should be deleted. And then, it is gone! Whoosh! Not even a trace. And in some of the cases, it is deleted directly – without any discussion whatsoever because an administrator has decided to do this. Welcome to the world of wikipedia!

Now, to avoid all the saga that we have defined above, you need to calm down. Yes, it is very exciting to create wikipedia page but that doesn’t mean you rush into it. Rushing will only make things worse. Creating a wikipedia page is a job that takes much more time than you are thinking right now. It requires strategy, planning and most importantly – understanding of wikipedia page and the guidelines.

So how to create wikipedia page?

The answer is fairly complex. And if the answer was so simple, perhaps the world wouldn’t be needing us at all. There are tutorials on every random website answering the question but what they tell is just at the surface. Wikipedia writing or creating a wikipedia page is a time consuming affair and need research and logic. Here are some quick tips to create a wiki page:

  1. Ensure you are notable
  2. Don’t hurry in creating the page or making it live
  3. Ensure that the page doesn’t remain an orphan
  4. Provide solid references
  5. If there are tags, deal with them patiently
  6. Do interlinking

For rest, you can always get in touch and hire our professional wikipedia  page creation services to get this done. Our experts can evaluate if the page can be created and give you costing and timeline for the same.

Create a wiki page with us and stay stress free!

Create a wiki page

To create a wiki page, you might encounter many different organisations or even upwork freelancers who are willing to create a wikipedia page in cheapest prices possible. But are all of them reliable? Definitely no. At upwork, what we have usually seen is freelancers who will create your page and take the money but they do not worry if the page will get deleted in future or not. Their only objective is to take that 40-50 dollars and upload the page without any strategic planning or research.

Most of these users have multiple profiles which have been banned by wikipedia because they practically spam it while adding no value to it. We do not do this. If we feel your page can not be created at all, we do not take that up. And if we do take a project up, we ensure that your page goes live and that it stays. This is what we do:

Research and Plan:

We don’t rush into it. We understand the subject, brainstorm on the relevance of it and discuss the subject with the client with various approaches or notability points that can be associated with the subject.

Create a perfect draft

Writing wikipedia page is a different art altogether. We would rather say that writing a good draft helps you win half the battle already. We create perfect drafts which are neutral and adhere to wiki guidelines.

Solid citations

More often than not, clients are themselves not aware of many citations and links that exist on internet. Apart from what we get from clients, we also do our own research and find more links that can help.

Uploading from a good wiki user profile

We use old profiles which have made thousands of edits to ensure that the chances of other editors or users making an objection are relatively less. And even if there are objections, we deal with them upfront.

So don’t think too much if you want that wiki page for yourself. Just get in touch with us and let us help you create your wiki page.