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Because making wiki page is beyond what you see or read in any tutorial. It is more complex. We have experience, expertise and user profiles which are solid. So you can make on your own but it can get deleted. After deletion, it might be difficult.

Classic. Yes, it is difficult but it can be made again depending on various things. For example, why did it get deleted at the first time? Is the subject notable and have enough references or citations to prove it? There can be many reasons. However, if it checks all boxes of wiki guidelines, it can be made again for sure. Get in touch to discuss.

A brilliant question! The credible ones. But there is hierarchy in credibility too. For example, government, organisational or institutional websites sit at the top. Then comes the media coverage in reliable publications. Bigger the better. Certain blogs can work as a citation if they are found credible and have relevant content to the subject.

Get in touch with us and we can help design a solid PR strategy which will help you get the right kind of coverage. We work with multiple PR agencies and freelancers and create a solid delivery strategy based on your profile and what you want to publish on wikipedia.

Because we need to put in time and efforts and we must eat, shouldn’t we? The cost that we take is the cost of our expertise and the knowledge that we have. And of course the time invested in doing your work. So we don’t have imaginary paid partnerships happening with wikipedia or people working in wikipedia and your money is not going there. Your money is for the time and knowledge we lend. Not to mention that the user profiles we use have made thousands of edits so that adds value when you make a page live.

To be honest, if everything is alright, it can take as much as 5 minutes to make the page live. But that means you should have the draft ready, references in place and all we need to do is use one of our old user profiles to upload the page. But practically speaking, it takes a week or so. That doesn’t mean someone is working 8 hours a day for a week to get this page live. A week or so is the turnaround time. For example, we do research on day 1, start editing on day 3, upload the page on day 5 and monitor for rest.

Please check the T&C page for this.

This cost is an end to end cost. So it includes writing the draft, research, editing other wiki pages, uploading the page, interlinking, monitoring, contesting deletion and everything else. There are no hidden charges. Even if there are certain changes that you would like us to make after the page is stable, happy to do so.

Tricky but possible. If you think you can do it and just want us to guide you, we see no harm in it (hoping you won’t start a competitive agency and try to beat us in our own game!). We can give you a costing depending on how much work it would be.

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