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It is indeed amazing to be on Wikipedia. It shines your profile and add tons of weight and hence everyone wants to create wikipedia page for themselves or their brands and at times are requested by their superiors to arrange it for them. What looks like an easy to do task, keeps on becoming difficult as you keep getting into it. In 90% of the cases, people create an account on wiki and upload the bio and cite whatever they can find. The page goes live and there is a moment of happiness. And then comes a series of attack from various editors and users. They are cold hearted and start marking tags or deleting what you have written. You are powerless and they start creating a mess out of your beautiful creation.

And after not too long, the page is marked for deletion and is being discussed on the newly created talk page and you are like ‘what is this talk page now! What should I do’. You go to the talk page and see various people brutally providing reasons on why it should be deleted. And then, it is gone! Whoosh! Not even a trace. And in some of the cases, it is deleted directly – without any discussion whatsoever because an administrator has decided to do this. Welcome to the world of wikipedia!

Now, to avoid all the saga that we have defined above, you need to calm down. Yes, it is very exciting to create wikipedia page but that doesn’t mean you rush into it. Rushing will only make things worse. Creating a wikipedia page is a job that takes much more time than you are thinking right now. It requires strategy, planning and most importantly – understanding of wikipedia page and the guidelines.

So how to create wikipedia page?

The answer is fairly complex. And if the answer was so simple, perhaps the world wouldn’t be needing us at all. There are tutorials on every random website answering the question but what they tell is just at the surface. Wikipedia writing or creating a wikipedia page is a time consuming affair and need research and logic. Here are some quick tips to create a wiki page:

  1. Ensure you are notable
  2. Don’t hurry in creating the page or making it live
  3. Ensure that the page doesn’t remain an orphan
  4. Provide solid references
  5. If there are tags, deal with them patiently
  6. Do interlinking

For rest, you can always get in touch and hire our professional wikipedia  page creation services to get this done. Our experts can evaluate if the page can be created and give you costing and timeline for the same.

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