How to make a wikipedia page?

All questions like that of how to make a wikipedia page, how to create a wikipedia page etc have a much simple answer. If you are reading this blog, you might belong to three different categories :

  1. People who tried creating a wikipedia page in past and failed
  2. People who hired wikipedia experts  to create a page but failed and hence decided to take things in your own hands
  3. People who want to create a page and want to go all equipped and hence reading all the material

Nonetheless, this blog is not exactly a step-to-step guide on how to make a wikipedia page. That is widely available on many websites including wikihow (what can be more authentic than that!) This blog is more about what is beyond the wikihow tutorial or what is beyond what other websites are going to tell you.

When you read any of those tutorials, you are like ‘That doesn’t look so difficult!’

But you usually think so because you are misinformed on the know-how of wiki. Here are two major misinformation that you might be living with when you want to know how to make a wikipedia page:

  1. You think you have perfect linksIf you being mentioned in web by other websites, you can use those as citations. However, there is a hierarchy. And we have usually seen that people don’t understand this. The quality of websites matter. Their association with the subject matters. For example, Facebook, twitter, linked in etc are not relevant for citations. Neither is your personal blog or your company website. Nor if your best friend’s blog or a college website that someone you know runs. Authenticity of citations is everything.
  2. You think you are notable

You can be on wiki if you are notable. And there are real notability guidelines and you need to read them to ensure that you are notable. There are ways around (that’s why you need us actually) but it’s not so easy! We have to reject a number of requests because we don’t see any ways to qualify the subjects as notable! Such examples include so called instagram influencers, local website development companies, junior level journalists and even corporate leaders at times. So make sure you qualify the notability criteria. Or reach out to us and let us guide you.

And even if you think you tick both the boxes, there are obviously more hurdles to it. Read our blog on how to create a wikipedia page to know more.

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