Wikipedia Article writing service

Wikipedia article writing service is mighty different. A regular content writer might not be the right person to do this job. A regular content writer is usually acquainted with SEO writing, product descriptions and the kind of digital marketing related content that is practically driving the content industry. But he/she might not be so well acquainted with the kind of writing that wikipedia demands per say.

What kind of writing wikipedia demands?

Wikipedia has its own guidelines for the kind of writing it accepts. One must remember that while wikipedia is seen as a hallmark of prestige and reputation, in the end, it is an encyclopedia. And an encyclopedia can only contain subjects and topics that are relevant and must talk about them in a neutral way. That means, wikipedia can neither praise nor disgrace anyone. It can only state facts. For example, consider hitler’s wikipedia page :

Read the entire page and you will see how neutrally everything has been written. He has not been criticized or praised for whatever he did but everything has been drafted as a matter of fact. This is exactly a wikipedia expert needs to do.

How we write and create wikipedia pages?

It once happened that a client requested that we should send him the draft before we take it live. Prior to that, he had sent us the entire company PPT and every small and big detail about the company. Next day, we are invited to discuss the draft and are informed that the client is heavily disappointed since the draft looks so rough and doesn’t talk much about the company. We laughed for a bit and than had to explain them everything.

We informed that the draft can only contain the information which is verifiable. While you have sent the company PPT with all the details, all of it can not be verified via credible external sources. About the language, it can not be greasy. It has to be factual and non-chalant. If it looks too polished, it is obvious that we have a connection to the subject which is not preferred. They understood and made minor changes and the page was live and reviewed in next 4 hours!

This is what we do when people hire us for Wikipedia article writing services. We educate the client and are strict with the guidelines. We don’t write the page to impress the client. We write the page so that it gets approved.

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