Wikipedia page creation service

Want reliable and high quality wikipedia page creation service at the click of your mouse? Worry no more since you have landed at the right page. Needless to say, there are multiple agencies and freelancers who are offering these wikipedia writing and creation services. And interestingly, the cost range starts from 20$ to 1000$ – depending on the agency you go to. So what is real?

Well, both are real, kind of. What they quote is as per their capacity to take the page live. For example, the 20$ one would just take the text from you, make minor edits and upload it with references given by you. He/she will not think if it will survive or if it will get approved or not. The money he/she is taking is for the time that is being put to take the wikipedia page live.

And at the same time, the 1000$ one might deploy PR strategies for you to get more solid links, issue press releases and get their senior most person work on it. They will educate you on how to create a wikipedia page.That doesn’t guarantee anything either though. And to be honest, it might just be a scam. Wikipedia sounds fancy and people have enough money to burn and hence they can charge what they can. It might not be about the cost that is incurred but the cost that client can pay.

We are in the middle. We are neither 20$, nor we are 1000$. When we offer you wikipedia page creation services, we simply check your eligibility and tell you if it is possible to make a page for you at this level or not. If it is, how much would that cost you based on time and effort. And if we can’t we can consult you and engage with you to start your journey to reach a point where you can create a wikipedia page for yourself; and then create it. We try to be real. Give you the real situation and work in collab with you rather than making fake promises.

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