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Research for reportage
Wiki Draft Writing
Page Publishing
Maintenance Period
Turn Around Time
3 Months
4 working days
6 Months
12 working days
1 year
15 working days

1. The agency is accountable for creating the page and ensuring that it remains live. The agency offers a money back guarantee on all packages - that is, the agency will refund the amount fully if the page is deleted in the maintenance period for

a) Non-Notability
b) Improper Content/Language

If the page is deleted because of lack of citations to prove the notability, the agency will provide free consultation/support to get relevant media sources to prove the notability and create the page again free of cost in the maintenance period.

In case of deletion because of non-notability or Improper Content/Language, the agency may attempt to create the page again while taking note of the deletion discussion in the maintenance period. However, if the page can not be created at all, the refund shall be made in 10-15 working days after the agency declares that the page can not be created again via ethical means. This is also to substantiate that agency doesn't vandalise wikipedia knowingly or on purpose and only edit wikipedia as per the guidelines.

2. If any of the deletion or notability tag exists on the page, the company is not liable to raise the final invoice. All other tags won’t impact the final payment. 

3. A package once brought and executed can not be upgraded to silver and gold.

4. The client can request any number of reasonable changes in the page during the maintenance period. However, the requested changes must not violate the wiki guidelines. The turn around time for any requested changes are 2-3 working days. The agency holds the right to deny any changes which can impact the sustainability of the page. 

5. The agency is only accountable to make the page live with selected information that can go out on wikipedia. The cost of page creation remains independent of the volume of information that can be uploaded. 

6. The cost to create a wikipedia page depends on the package as selected by the client. The payment schedule is 50% advance and 50% right after 3 days the page has been published. In case, the client fails to make the complete payment, the page will be unpublished subsequently. Post this, the page can or can be made live again depending on the situation. 

7. The final draft that is uploaded on wikipedia can not have any piece of information that is not verifiable by reliable third party sources. The client is not entitled to push the agency to include any such information or to take any action that is against the guidelines of wikipedia. The agency has a right to deny any action that is against the guidelines of wikipedia. If any information has been concealed from the agency and the agency unknowingly violate wikipedia guidelines because of the client, the contract will be considered null and void and no refunds shall be made.

8. If client edits the page without the permission of the agency after publishing, the agency shall not be accountable for the page anymore. That is, agency can not be held responsible for the page being deleted or altered. 
The contract will be considered null and void.

9. Maintenance Period can be extended by purchasing it separately for INR 6,000 / Year

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